Remote tank

You are looking for IoT solutions for
liquid gas, oil, gasoline, diesel or
water tanks - or even for meters
and plants?

and sensors

You are looking for Plug&Play technology
in a modular system or maybe
even exclusive developments with
ATEX certification?

Software and

You are looking for solutions for
monitoring, personalization or
programming of your
energy management?

Simplify Monitoring.

Making things simple has been our passion since the beginning.
Today, we are one of the leading IoT solution providers for remote monitoring of gas, oil, water, fuel tanks
and of operating conditions in building services. Over the past 20 years, we have launched many developments.

Always with one goal: Simplify Monitoring.

Our fuel: innovations!

RCT was awarded the BSFZ seal of approval in 2023 for its innovative expertise.

Liquid gas tanks

Are you looking for a quick to use non-contact remote monitoring solution for your LPG tanks –
via Plug & Play?

Oil and fuel tanks

Are you looking for a solution for precise level measurement of oil and fuel tanks – with explosion protection?

Water cisterns

Are you looking for a comfortable monitoring solution of water tanks and cisterns –
via smartphone or web?

Simply know what's going on.

"Using RCT's monitoring technology was an important step for us,
to accurately and proactively schedule fill times at our autogas station."

Andreas Bosse, Adolf ROTH GmbH & Co. KG

Mobile on the road?

no problem!

With the mobile version of the RCT Digital Application Center you have your tank and
object data in view on your smartphone or tablet anytime and anywhere.

Download here

We create security...

For you and your data.

... and sustainability.

Due to recyclable construction.