Solutions for counter monitoring

Gas meter

You are looking for an intelligent transmission unit for remote monitoring of gas meters
optionally via mobile radio 2G GPRS, CAT-M1, NB-IoT?


Transmitter unit

With its smart METERview solution, RCT shows how diaphragm gas meters from Kromschröder, SAMGAS and others can now be wirelessly and easily upgraded to smart gas meters via plug & play. With the transmitter module, gas meters can be easily monitored remotely via Web and Mobile App and consumption data can be recorded securely.

The METERview transmitter unit is simply plugged onto the right-hand side of a gas meter and fastened with the enclosed screw. By plugging in the enclosed battery, the unit is activated and immediately sends the current data to the RCT Monitor platform. There, the valence of the counter and the current counter reading are set as the start value. Now the device counts the pulses and transmits them regularly to the RCT web server for detailed consumption recording and control via internet.

The device can be secured against unauthorized access by a lead seal. If it is removed, e.g. for a battery or meter change, a built-in motion sensor detects the vibration and immediately sends a warning message, which is forwarded to the responsible employee, e.g. by e-mail.

Meter readings, consumption and system messages can be monitored and evaluated at any time via the Internet using the Mobile App or Web App. Various interfaces (API, CSV, mail, etc.) are available for external data processing. The connection to additional services creates an optimal working environment for administration, logistics and end customers with separate access options. Indirect alarms can also be activated in the Web App, e.g. atypical consumption, device and sensor malfunctions, and transmission errors. The Web App and Mobile App are available in RCT's standard design or personalized in your company's own corporate identity. Individual solutions can be realized quickly and easily.