Is your energy service smart?

Today's energy customers expect more from their suppliers.
They demand services that fit ideally into their digital world and simply expect smart app solutions.
They want things to be easy to do: fast and convenient.

Dive into this world and discover your opportunities for new business models.

Data, data and software

Requirements for intelligent tank and energy management

Energy suppliers need to be able to record tank levels and meter readings quickly and centrally.
Dispatchers and tanker drivers need exactly the information that is relevant to them.
And customers, service station operators and property managers need smart access
to their own tank data and consumption via an app.


RCT has the domain knowledge!

Discover our ideas for your business.

Data Management

With the RCT Monitor platform and Mobile Apps, we connect you to your customers in an unprecedented way. You get insight into every tank and a comprehensive database for a future-oriented business. How do we do this? RCT digitizes the tanks of your customers and locations, for example with the plug & play monitoring system LEVELview.

Precise automatic recording of all tank levels of LPG, oil, diesel, gasoline, A1 fuel and water tanks.

Latest transmission technologies locally and globally: Cellular 4G/3G/2G, NB-IoT, Sigfox, LoRa-WAN, CatM1 or WLAN, LTE and RF.

Automatic messaging via e-mail, push notification, SMS or directly via the ERP system – e.g. alerting when individual thresholds are reached.

Documentation of history data, graphical presentation of consumption, determination of demand, forecast of filling times etc.

Smart Services

Just ask Alexa, Siri or Google for the current tank data. Get a quick overview of how your tank systems are doing, where are energy requirements and when a delivery to your customers is necessary. Organize your logistics even better. Everything via voice control. It couldn’t be smarter!

Imagine: your tanks would give your customers the right answers via voice control. This is not the future. This can already become a reality today with RCT. Surprise your customers with intelligent App solutions for Alexa, Siri and Google.

Resource Planning

Automatically record your exact tank contents, evaluate the exact inventory at any time and make as-of-date invoices. RCT implements individual solutions for you that fit exactly into your business and integrates the data into your existing operational programs.

Surprise your customers with an attractive offer directly in the RCT smartphone App – before the tank content comes to an end. Present your daily prices and offer a direct ordering option via the App or even order pooling with other customers.

Logistics Planning

What if your driver came back from the tour earlier? Save time and money with smart App features that provide information about the geodata of tanks, generate optimal logistics routes for tank fleets and enable employee a report management directly at the tank.

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