Solutions for chemical drums

and IBC tanks with GPS

First, the sensor is inserted into the tank through the screw cap of the tank. Then the transmitter unit is screwed directly onto the tank or drum to be monitored. Finally, the battery is connected to the device. The status can be read via LEDs on the top of the device.

The data is transmitted directly to the cloud server via GPRS or sent locally as a radio signal to a WiFi device, which forwards the data to the cloud server.

Initial programming and configuration adjustments of the LEVELview.MOBILE can be made remotely at any time via the web application using GPRS.

All fill levels and system messages are available 24 h/365 days a year at any location via internet. Data can be managed via App on smartphone/tablet and via RCT Web App on PC. Especially for commercial monitoring of multiple containers at different locations, the platform offers a variety of options for displaying, analyzing and determining demand for individual containers and customer groups. Separate accesses for different customers and locations can also be set up.

Data is transmitted regularly every 24 h via GSM (incl. last 24 level measurements). In case of an event (e.g. limit values, filling, empty battery), the device sends alarms that appear in the Web App or inform responsible persons via push message, e-mail, SMS.


Transmitter unit

Smart level and position monitoring (GPS) of mobile drums, IBC tanks and containers, e.g. in chemical and pharmaceutical industry, via radio, Web App and Mobile App. Plug & Play installation directly in tank opening.

The modular system:
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