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Tank, meter and object monitoring via Web & Mobile App

The wide range of applications for RCT technology – from large energy providers, municipalities and logistics companies to individual private tank users – brings with it a wide variety of requirements. That's why we offer you platforms and data management solutions tailored exactly to your needs: Start quickly and easily with the standard platform "RCT Monitor" or let us develop a solution tailored exactly to your requirements
exactly for your business, in the design of your company and with data sovereignty in your hands.

RCT Monitor

Your energy management platform.

RCT Monitor –
The Standard Platform

Start quickly and securely – everything important can be seen immediately in just a few steps

No matter whether you want to monitor just one tank or a large number of different objects – with the “RCT Monitor” platform you have all measured data and messages immediately in view – cloud-based in the Web App on PC or with Mobile App on the smartphone.

Just quickly informed:

  1. Open Web App / Install Mobile App and register user once
  2. Configure needed device, transmission and alarm parameters online (or use presets)
  3. Activate device on tank/object
  4. DONE! Receive, manage, analyze, export data and send alarms…

The “RCT Monitor” platform meets the highest security standards. It is constantly being enhanced to make the digitization of your energy worlds as simple, efficient and comprehensive as possible and to realize new requirements.

RCT Monitor –
Customized Design

Web App & Mobile App in your look – that meets your needs

We design the “RCT Monitor” platforms with your logo and according to your individual design wishes. Strengthen your brand identity and present your company through your personalized IoT platform, so your brand is in front of your customers and employees every day and will be always remembered.

For example, as an energy supplier, offer your tank customers an extra service by giving them access to their own tank levels and consumption in the IoT platform. Surprise them with proactive offers and stay connected to your customers via the platform as the No. 1 utility. An invaluable competitive advantage.

Is the data safe?


Data transmission from the transmitter units to the server is encrypted via IP Sec-Tunnel of Deutsche Telekom, via GPRS encrypted by IMSI and SID or via NB-IoT over IP VPN. Other transmission options such as Sigfox, LoRa-WAN and Cat M1 are also possible on customer request.

All data is stored redundantly and securely on separate servers in different countries. RCT uses the services and hardware of Amazon and Telekom. Customer-specific developments can also be stored with other providers at customer request.

RCT also provides Application Programming Interfaces (API) for data forwarding, organizes equipments, user accounts, configures the data solutions and much more. Data monitoring is done via Mobile App and Web App by operating a web server in Germany.

RCT processes person-related data for its customers in accordance with Art. 4 No. 2 and Art. 28 of the GDPR (EU General Data Protection Regulation).

And how do I find "RCT Monitor"?

This way ...

Web App (desktop application)

Open web browser and enter the following URL:

Mobile App

Download and open the App ” RCT Monitor” from the App Store
(available for IOS/Android operating systems)