RCT celebrates: 20 years of passion for innovations

The RCT team celebrates its anniversary. And looks back on 20 years of successful company history. On December 16, 2003, Martin Meyer founded RCT Remote Control Technology in Gladenbach, Germany. His vision: to develop remote monitoring solutions for gas tanks. "Breaking completely new ground and bringing innovations to the market - that was my passion right from the start and still is today," says Martin Meyer, Managing Director. Today, with 15 employees, RCT is one of the leading solution providers for the remote monitoring of gas, oil, water and fuel tanks and operating statuses in building technology.

It all started very small 20 years ago, with the implementation of a simple idea that Martin Meyer developed as a technology enthusiast in his youth: the remote monitoring of gas tanks. "At that time, there was still no suitable solution on the market. Tank levels still had to be read manually on site." A cumbersome process for energy suppliers. An experience from his youth had stayed with him and prompted him to develop a solution. "A gas supplier who was filling a tank at our house was amazed at my experiments as a young tinkerer. He said: 'If you manage to develop a remote monitoring system for gas tanks, I'll give you a full tank of gas for free.' I wasn't interested in the tankful, but rather the solution. I found it a few years later. That was the cornerstone for the development of today's LEVELview program from RCT," says Martin Meyer.

After 16 years of industrial experience in a management role at a leading manufacturer of valves and regulators in the gas industry, the computer science graduate took the step into self-employment. In the early years of RCT, Martin Meyer developed local monitoring systems for LPG tanks. According to Meyer, the start was anything but easy: "In addition to the technical challenges such as approvals in hazardous areas (explosion protection), ISO certifications and functions, the creation of product and operating instructions, marketing and sales were a major hurdle. New employees were quickly on board. After just one and a half years, the RCT team consisted of four people." And there were more challenges to be faced. Further solutions had to be developed for the global monitoring of gas, diesel, oil and petrol tanks for energy suppliers. RCT now employs a team of 15 specialists who provide customers worldwide with products and services. Customers include well-known energy suppliers such as Westfa, Tyczka, Norgas and Emirates Gas, as well as pharmaceutical manufacturers such as Merck.

"Together with our customers, we have launched many developments and broken new ground," explains Martin Meyer. One example is the development of LEVELview.Mobile, an extremely compact and robust remote monitoring technology for the international pharmaceutical manufacturer Merck. It allows mobile chemical drums to be easily located worldwide via GPS. Monitor fill levels precisely via app or web. And collect and analyze data for business and logistics processes thanks to IoT (Internet of Things) technology.

RCT was awarded the BSFZ seal of approval this year for its innovative expertise. In addition to the development of hardware and software solutions, RCT offers a comprehensive service program for its customers. For example, the company provides energy suppliers with practical support in the digitization of analogue gas meters. The services range from initial customer contact and appointment scheduling to commissioning by installing the IoT device technology and apps, including reporting.

More about RCT: https://r-c-t.biz/en/company/rct/


Production in the early years of RCT
"Breaking completely new ground and bringing innovations to the market - that was my passion right from the start and still is today," says Martin Meyer, Managing Director.
RCT LEVELview: intelligent remote monitoring of fill levels in LPG, oil, fuel and water tanks, simple and smart via web app and mobile app.
RCT LEVELview.mobile: intelligent level and position monitoring of mobile drums, IBC tanks and containers, e.g. in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, simply and smartly via radio, web app and mobile app.
With the IoT platform "RCT Monitor" and customer-specific IoT platforms, RCT has cloud-based solutions for applications in the "Internet of Things" of the energy world.