There is another way: Renting instead of buying

Renting remote monitoring technology instead of buying it? Is that a marketing trick? No. Because RCT has been offering its customers a rental service for its LEVELview series transmission modules since last year. This means that the transmission devices for monitoring gas, gasoline, oil, diesel and water tanks can now not only be purchased, but also rented and installed by RCT. The added value: customers thus no longer have to worry about anything, but simply pay a fixed monthly price and are thus guaranteed full connectivity of their monitoring devices - and thus full transparency with regard to fill levels and consumption.

RCT Remote Control Technology has been offering this service since mid-2021. The remote monitoring specialist has already successfully installed over 1,000 units on behalf of customers. Customers simply give RCT the addresses where new units are to be installed. The company subsequently takes over all further steps: These include installing the units, integrating them into the customer's corresponding web application, testing the units and setting the alarms. RCT also ensures rapid troubleshooting in the event of a fault. In case of maintenance, batteries are replaced in a timely manner to ensure full connectivity.

RCT's LEVELview monitoring devices can be installed and set up in a few simple steps thanks to plug-and-play technology. Energy suppliers, service station operators, property managers and municipalities – as well as private users such as home and vacation home owners – benefit from a system that can be used to flexibly meet a wide range of requirements, while at the same time impressing with its simplicity and high level of safety thanks to explosion protection zone 1/0.

App solutions for web and mobile applications ensure simple and convenient data management. For example, the "RCT Monitor" software automatically informs users by e-mail, push message, SMS or directly via their company's own ERP system when the tank content is nearing its end. Other smart services include history and consumption data at defined points in time as well as projections of remaining tank capacities. With the rental service, RCT guarantees its customers secure data transfers, full connectivity and maximum transparency on tank levels and consumption.